Anatomy of V.K. Jehannum


Here, put some bread crumbs for the birdies, please 😉

Since V.K. Jehannum dedicated some blogs to me, I would be an ungrateful bitch if I didn’t even mention him. I observe with interest, and even participate, in his ongoing polemics with those diabolical Wyrd Sisters, whoever the hell they are. The guy has a sense of humor, for sure, so I quite enjoy his blogs and videos, though that kind of debating style is not really my cup of tea. I’ve just noticed his latest videos (you can watch them here if you’re interested) which are the response to one of the WyrdSister’s propaganda essays. One thing that caught my attention was the funny way he’s reading the article. I remember that one day I was talking to my buddy, who goes by the nym of antikarmatomic, and I showed him an article written about me. He said: “Come on dude, it’s written in a full retard mode. Just try reading it aloud and see if you can resist the chortle.” Then he suggested some funny way of reading it, which unfortunately I don’t remember, but when I saw V.K. reading it aloud, I thought: “Yeah, this is it.”

One thing that I pity the guy for… (Or wait, I don’t actually pity him because I’m doing exactly the same thing. Only I enjoy endless debates while he says he doesn’t) is that he’s talking to the fucking wall. Or better, he’s talking to some wound up artificial bird, which persistently chirps the same song. It kinda reminds me of the almost surreal conversation I once had with the lady suffering from Alzheimer’s in the nursing home I work in. The poor thing didn’t know where she was and what was happening to her, although she’d  been there for more than three months. When I answered her questions, she asked me the same questions over and over again, saying that I didn’t want to answer her questions and that I had some secrets I didn’t want to reveal. Everything I said was lost on her. She behaved as if I didn’t say anything to her or said something else that existed only in her imagination.

Another thing that caught my attention in one of his videos was him saying that he didn’t believe Kerri Scott aka WyrdSister could be that stupid and that she was simply disingenuous. Then one of my acquaintances, Beldam, commented that she only wanted everyone to talk about the ONA. The more, the merrier. Maybe he was right, maybe he was wrong. On a more serious note, I’m rather tired with random people claiming to be on the inside of some vague joke. Unless you are sitting in someone’s head and reading their thoughts, you’re basically in the dark like everyone else. It’s as if I said “My former friend hates me and is mean to me because she’s jealous.” She might be jealous but this is what you assume, not what you know.

But hey, let’s go down the rabbit hole and let’s try to figure out what Kerri Scott’s agenda might be because I don’t believe she’s merely hypocritical or asshurt. What if this is a test? A kind of social experiment? Remember MKULTRA? I will don now my tinfoil hat. Kerri Scott might be a Magian government agent in disguise examining the effects of bullshit propaganda on the guinea pigs who yearn to be sinister. Imagine that some mad scientist locks you up in a room where you have to debate an automaton which repeats the same nonsense over and over again no matter what you say. How much time would pass till you went crazy? Or she tries to convince you that you are an initiate of some ancient esoteric tradition, the bits and pieces of which she got from various sources she read, only to see how easy it is to create a loyal adherent of a new religion? Or she invites you to a super secret barbecue party, only the chosen ones can attend, to see how deep you shoved that stick up your ass? Or she talks shit about one of your friends and associates only to prove that you are spineless and easily giving in to the stick and carrot treatment?

That’s all for today and if I have ever hurt anyone with my posts, I’m really fucking sorry. I didn’t want to. It’s because I sometimes forget to take my meds. I’m not going to pretend I’m not a liar. Everyone is and the only thing I can do about it is to compete with other liars so that I don’t occupy the last place in the liars’ pecking order. One thing is sure, I will never outsmart Ms SIN Jones.

P.S. This blog was inspired by V.K. Jehannum’s article, “Anatomy of a Czereda” and one by Chloe 352, “Psychic Card Readings.”


7 thoughts on “Anatomy of V.K. Jehannum

  1. D. M. Hutchins says:


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  2. I wasn’t aware that the psychic card readings article was pertinent to the discussion. I’ll have to give that a look.

    In the meantime, I will admit that I was wrong about your nationality. Persons have vouched for the veracity of your claims to living in Poland. Whoops.

    You are half-correct in your discussion of the pointlessness of arguing with ONA propagandists, in the same way that Jack Sarin was half right about the pointlessness of debating Hutchins. These people are dishonest, as integrity would obliterate the perceived merits of their claims and person, so it is useless to expose them IF your intention is to win them over to your side. My intention is only to leave a public and permanent record of their dishonesty and the errant-ness of their claims.

    And its worked. The ONA in general is now more fond and respectful of my person than of these poseurs, and it’s certainly working to my advantage.

    I’m glad you enjoy my writing, as I enjoy yours as well.

    -Vidian Kayta Uridimmus Jehannum

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    • annaczereda says:

      If this is your aim, then I agree the debate with them has some merits. I’m glad you mentioned integrity. The way these people talked shit about Kris of Them (no matter what one thinks of him) all over the net and often behind his back was disgusting and pathetic. This is why I started debating them; to create a counter narrative. It’s a matter of fairness to speak up if you see someone unjustly shamed and humiliated, at least for me.

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      • D. M. Hutchins says:

        From my perspective, in which there has been no substantial ONA since Myatt (and no, the internet doesn’t count), anyone mentioning integrity and honesty, only to turn around and boast of their success pertaining to attaining a public position of fallacy and illogical argumentum adpopulum contest within internet ONAism, and further labeling themselves with such ultra-realistic and wholly believable names as “Vidian Kayta Uridimmus Jehannum” is not to be taken seriously. These are childrens games, and for childrens sake. Not so long ago it was “Satanus” which qualifier the kids appended to their internet names in order that everyone would recognize exactly how original and independent they were, (So-and-so-satanus or Satanus-so-and-so). That lowest common denominator of intellect will always hate and slander agencies such as Kris M and D.M. Hutchins, because we possess in silence what they cannot accomplish in infinite pomp and sociocultural ruckus. Cry, and cry aloud, I say, for you only amplify our silence, and exposes that which you hate within yourselves. We are spiritual mirrors, in which people lie to themselves, where they alone are convinced of their vainglory and ideological abstractions. Between the Sun and Mars you drown.


      • annaczereda says:

        Darryl, he has used that fancy name for shiggles. Have some sense of humor, please.


      • You mention McDermott a lot. I’ve only spoken to him a small handful of times, none recently, but the dude told me I was brilliant.

        Like, according to you, McDermott (or some other +o+ personnel) pulled your ass aside and told you off for your shitty behavior. Dude told me I was brilliant.

        Soooo, with you always claiming that I’m your “mini-me,” why exactly do the names you obsessively drop disagree?

        Like jesus. You always bring up McDermott. Like, I think you brought his ass up every time we debated, at least once or twice. The way you follow this dude around like a lost puppy is sad.

        Also, fuck the haters. My name is dope.

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  3. Black Nyamochka says:

    In the post-informational era, it turns out that only ultra-seriousness can at least somehow penetrate the wall of the modern postmodern spectacle of meanings and ideas, so I fully understand their style of communication.

    ~black Niya river~

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