The ONA Troll Carousel

Or in other words: Peasants Disguised as Aristocrats


The Inner ONA clowns again decided to amuse the internet peanut gallery with the staged show. The ONA Old Pricks hired the younger ONA kids (or rather one kid who divides and multiplies into a multitude of sock accounts as usual) to perform what they call Sinister Dialectic. To those who read too many ONA MSS and think that it has something to do with culling, infiltration, causing chaos and then global change, influencing history, Aeonic magic etc, then you all couldn’t be more wrong. Sinister Dialectic, according to all the Pointy Hats, is simply flinging poop on various blogs and forums in a light-hearted and child-like manner with the hope that such poop flinging will produce an alchemical change in the participants. Pathei mathos and all such jazz.

Unfortunately, the Inner ONA bullshitters lack creativity and for more than three years they have been repeating the same tired narrative about the true ONA and fake ONA, pretenders, plebeians and pseudo-Satanists, pretending to insult Myatt or masquerading as Myatt and asking each other questions like the Bridge Keeper in the Monty Python movie. Since no ONA initiates seem to give a rat’s ass about their childish “Sinister Games”, they create fake blogs and sock puppets, talking to themselves, fighting themselves, insulting themselves and questioning themselves in a truly schizophrenic display of narcissistic self-adoration.

Now this is the true picture of the elite… during the Carnival. The beggar became a king, peasants dressed up as aristocrats and are having fun. The Carnival has its privileges. At other times, everything is as it should be. A little fringe group of weirdos fantasizing about evolving humanity.

Now, something about ONA questions:


6 thoughts on “The ONA Troll Carousel

  1. vampyricfront says:

    “a truly schizophrenic display of narcissistic self-adoration.”

    There will be one individual fitting this role perfectly. We have encountered far too many like this, that hide from their ineptitude by masquerading as an occultist.

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  2. 39yvr2pmq says:

    Yet you (et al) who bewail it keep following the drama – the dialectic, the polemics, the propaganda – and keep commenting on the stuff year after year and keep publicly making assumptions about it and the people involved. You’ve even previously taken part in the drama. So with you it’s been affective.

    You’re obviously too assumptive to see it for what it is and has been: a drama between two (sometimes three) ‘wings of the O9A’; about differing interpretations of the O9A by different people. But if you et al want to continue to assume its a faux drama by sock-puppets, fine. Every little helps.


    • annaczereda says:

      I’m not making assumptions but stating the facts. Gnosis4life is not an opposing view but pure nonsense (mostly). And no ONA wing would talk shit about Myatt like that unless to troll the unsuspecting ones. It’s not the first time Ms Sock posts bullshit on various forums and other venues and this bullshit is almost a copy-pasta from the Christos Beest and David Myatt thread on 600 Club. Not to mention similar troll posts and staged sock puppet debates on other forums earlier on.

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  3. 39yvr2pmq says:

    Anna, whatever. You – anonymous as you are – have your particular view and interpretation of matters O9A. It’s just rather nice that you bother with “us” at all. Thank you.

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  4. D. A. R. G. says:

    I like how you stir up shit. Whatever you really think, I raise my glass to you for provoking silly pointy hatters. It doesn’t mean I agree or don’t agree with what you write, but it is baffling that “true practical occultists” would be so angered by Internet posting and spend so much time answering in forums or comments sections. If someone has time for lurking forums for hours every day or week… I doubt you are working on yourself!

    Cheers, Mademoisselle Czereda!

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