.:. Shit .:.


You know who you are. A puppet on the strings. How can you cut them off if you don’t see them? Day by day, you’re given shit to eat till your brain becomes full of shit; other people’s shit that you absorb uncritically and then parrot it, the shit of your mentors, gurus and priests that you worship, the politicians you vote for, the experts you revere, the writers and poets you’re a fan of. You bask in other people’s glory because you have no thoughts or ideas of your own.

You think you’re a special snowflake, that you’re better than others but you’re one of the many guinea pigs here. The rhetoric about the elite is to lull you to sleep, you gullible idiot. Meanwhile, the people behind the glass observe how much shit you consume and what it does to your mind. Other people mold you in their own image because you’re too stupid to stay yourself or reinvent yourself. And you have a nerve to call that enlightenment.

There will be no enlightenment. Shit – that’s all you will get. It has always been like that and will remain like that forever. What sits there in your mind, whatever you think, say and do is other people’s work, not yours. A brush and a canvas are not a painter but that doesn’t mean they are not useful. Perhaps, one day you will wake up and notice the prison of mirages all around you. When they are gone, there will be Nothing left.