I Will Pwn You (Revisited)


I acted like a good Christian today. I rescued my neighbor from being duped by the con artists from the same breed that almost duped me a year ago. It seems white-knighting might be my vocation. A little bit of context for those who don’t know.

So last year, after Christmas, two people from some electric power company visited me to get me to sign an agreement to change the seller of electrical energy. Of course, they didn’t tell me the truth. Instead, they introduced themselves as agents of my current electric company, promising cheaper energy. They sounded so credible, they knew everything about the correspondence between my company and its customers, they also had the documents belonging to the company. I was so stupid that I didn’t even read the documents I was given to sign. There was a name of a different company on it, but I didn’t notice it because it looked similar to my current company and I was totally mindfucked. Even now, I’m not sure what I saw, I was so dazzled. It was when they gave me another thing to sign that I suddenly woke up and noticed the name of the seller was different. I got scared, gathered all the documents and didn’t want to give them back. The agreement was in two copies; one was for the seller, another for the client. They were quite amateur deceivers since they didn’t secure their copy. So they got furious, demanded I gave them their copy of agreement back, they threatened to call the police. I had troubles with driving them out of my home. Finally, they left calling me names.

It seems nothing happens by accident. Perhaps, that experience was necessary so I could warn my neighbor, an elderly sick lady who is only a little younger than my grandma and, like her, she suffers from dementia. She lives with her son but most of the day she is alone, poor thing, as her son is at work. I was just going out when I noticed her in the corridor, leading some young guy to her flat while another guy was waiting outside. I pretended to be curious and asked the guy what they were offering. And I heard the same song like the one last year. Oh we are just from your energy seller, you only have to sign some documents so the energy will be cheaper blah blah blah. So I rushed to the neighbor, interrupted the “business”, warned her, explained everything, told her about my experience. Fortunately, she didn’t manage to sign anything. A rather unpleasant discussion with the guy followed but I didn’t really care. I’ve known most of my neighbors since childhood, including her. Many of them are elderly ladies, some are younger. I believe in reciprocity. Occasionally, the neighbors help me, from time to time I help them. It’s nothing big, just small favors, but it makes life a little bit more pleasant.