The Man Behind The Typewriter


Today on there appeared an extract from Myatt’s letter to a personal correspondent from March 2015. Since it keeps appearing and disappearing (Fata Morgana?) here it is:


From how this shit reads, David Myatt has nothing to do with Anton Long and apparently such a thing as the Order of Nine Angles does not exist:

Such a smile, from me, because not only has no one undertaken any scholarly research either (i) into my life and diverse peregrinations and my recently developed weltanschauung based on my own pathei-mathos, or (ii) into that apparent ‘occult’ group with which I have, by many people and despite any evidence, been associated.
Well, it seems that old motherfucker and his close circle of bullshitters have pwned us all but before we start mourning, let’s see the brighter side of things. We no longer have to wrap our heads around this overwhelming question who is the real O9A and who is a pretender because since there is no O9A, there is nothing to imitate. What a pity the Church of Satan isn’t a hoax too because we wouldn’t have to wonder who is a true Satanist and who is a fake Satanist. Since there is no O9A, we don’t have to worry about some useless Code of Sinister Honor and sinister etiquette. Instead, now every O9A minion can call other O9A minions whatever vile names he/she chooses. You cunt, you dick, you jerk, you jackass, you faggot, you dumbfuck, you fruitcake, you stupid donkey, you fucking pedophile etc are all allowed. There are now no rules to follow and no mommy and daddy telling you what to do. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. This is not even democracy, this is happy anarchy! You no longer need to prove your sinister deeds to anyone and there will be no culling for sticking beautiful O9A feathers up your ass.
*     *     *
There is beauty in rumors, gossip and conspiracy theories. They not only give birth to myths, legends and folk tales but also enhance the imagination of those engaging in them. Nothing feeds creativity more than mystery. Were those crop circles created by aliens? If so, why did they do it? What did their spaceship look like? Probably, it’s not true but who cares as long as it blows your mind?
After complaining about the gossip and assumptions about him, DM goes on to write:
It has always made me smile that those academics who have written about or who have mentioned me in articles, papers, books, or theses – and often in connection with rumours of a certain involvement by me in certain esoteric things – have never (with a few noticeable exceptions) bothered to do the honourable thing and thus contact and/or find me and/or request a personal meeting in order to ascertain my ‘side of the story’. The exceptions being Professor Kaplan, Professor George Michael, and Professor Monette, although even they never met with me personally.
Does it really matter who the man behind the curtain is? As long as the story is interesting, is it important who the author is? When you read a poem, does it matter what the poet had on his mind? When you look at a painting, does it matter what the painter wanted to show? Does a story or a poem have only one correct interpretation? I remember writing my master’s thesis about Angela Carter. Her novels were full of ambiguous intertextual figures and symbols. There were many scholarly works and PhD dissertations written after her death. Did anyone talk to Ms Carter? No, because she was dead. Neither did she ever explain what she meant in her often elaborate writings. So the readers, including students and scholars, have always seen in her fiction what they wanted to see.
*     *     *
How important is it whether Anton Long is one person or several peeps indulging in writing stories? Does it matter whether Anton LaVey was a theist or an atheist? Does it really matter whether real Jesus existed or what Buddha’s life really look like? The myth is real as long as it exists in people’s minds and as long as it continues to intrigue and inspire. What you see in it and what you take from it is up to you.

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